Card Board

Hire Process

This page only applies where boxes have been hired:

Simply click on the "Hire Boxes" page, or the "Package Deals to Hire" page and choose how many boxes you would like to order (must be a minimum of 20 hired boxes for collection).  Please note that the price per box / package includes a $1 deposit per box which is fully refundable once the boxes are returned.


Delivery is available on the next available date of your choice - subject to the info on our Delivery Page


Once you are finished using the boxes, email Melbourne Cardboard Box Hire within 3 months of purchase.  We will then arrange a time to collect the boxes (ie when we are next in your area) and provide refund of deposit subject to the 3 requirements below:


Please be aware that:

A) The deposit can only be refunded on boxes that are in a reasonable condition - ie are still usable.  48mm packaging tape must be used to assemble the boxes.  PLEASE DO NOT TEAR TAPE OFF THE BOX when unpacking (slit it open with a knife instead).  Please do not 'fold' the boxes up in a way that damages the box.  All responsibility for the goods transfers to the hirer on delivery.  For all boxes (inc. package deals), the refund is $1 per box.

B) We can only collect boxes (and therefore refund the deposit) from locations within our Free Delivery Zone.  If you are moving beyond this, your best option may be to Buy Boxes outright.  There can only be 1 pickup per customer which must be within 3 months of delivery.

C) We can only collect boxes (and therefore refund the deposit) if there are a minimum of 20 boxes being returned.  We do not collect materials other than boxes, or other company's boxes.  Only the deposit is refundable - we cannot refund the full purchase price on any unused boxes.  Boxes must be flat packed and stacked according to size (ie. Same as they were when delivered) when ready for pickup.

If any of these conditions are not met, then ownership of the boxes passes to the hirer, and the deposit is forfeited.



When you are ready to have your boxes collected, please email us at with your original order number and pickup address.  We will then confirm the collection date with you once we know that we are going to be in your area next.  Please allow some time for this process.  You will then receive a confirmation email once your refund has occurred - which will either be to your original credit card or by EFT.


If you have any further questions about the HIRE PROCESS, simply email us or text 0429 333 914